Hot, Tired, and Sore

Digging an excavation trench on the outskirts of the dig site.  
These trenches help probe the range of the living areas and
 help determine where future digs will occur. 
Mount Gilboa in the distant right. This is the area where Saul 
and Jonathan died according to 1 Samuel 31.
108 degrees today. Novelty of archeology starting to wear off.  This isn’t Indiana Jones! Our team unearthed pottery shards, flint blades and grinding stones from Neolithic and Bronze Ages; most of which were used by communities well before the time of Abraham.   Washed pottery in nearby Spring of Jezreel that has help sustain millions throughout history.  Let me know if you have any specific questions.

What our dig sight looked like before we cleared the weeds
and started digging.

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