Finding Our Stride

Neolithic flint blade found in excavation trench.
Over the past few days, we’ve become more acclimated to the local food, weather, and work routine.  Muscle soreness has decreased but joints, feeling neglected, are starting to voice their displeasure.  Despite the protests, most of us have been able to press on with slight pharmaceutical enhancements.  We continue to find pottery, tools, and artifacts from multiple time periods.  One of our more interesting finds has been what appears to be a Neolithic mud brick and stone wall partially coated with plaster.  In the afternoons we read the pottery from the previous day; deciding if it will be sent to specialist for further evaluation or reburied at the dig site at the end of the season.  The objects selected for reburial are the ancient equivalent of a Starbucks cup; plentiful and we’ve learned all we can from similar items.  Reburial preserves these more common pieces for use by future generations, who may have access to more sophisticated tools and methods.  On a lighter note, we may have material for the Indiana Jones reboot! While digging, a crop duster buzzed us several times and while clearing out a cave tomb, we found multiple cranky scorpions and a few skull fragments with geometrical patterns carved into them.  Next update will be about our visits to Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee.
Ancient mortar used to grind grains and spices.

Pottery ready for evaluation by staff experts.
Entrance to the mountain tomb (The Scorpions’ Lair).

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