Final Day of Digging

Pottery shards from the time of Abraham.
After living on an Israeli kibbutz for two weeks, we traveled south to begin a two and a half day visit of holy sites in Bethlehem and Jerusalem and also meet with individuals working to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Once in Jerusalem, we picked up an Israeli tour guide who helped us navigate our way to the Western Wall (remains of the Israelite Temple that was destroyed by the Romans in 70 C.E.). Once there, we were able to write and leave prayers in the wall as part of the weekly Jewish Shabbat worship service.  Afterwards, we headed to Bethlehem for the night. Fortunately, there was room at the inn. 

Sleep quarters for a couple participating in the dig.

Carved rock that anchored doorpost of a temple or other 
important facility.
Me posing with Dr. Philippe Guillaume after our final dig.  
We quickly became jacks of all trades; digging trenches, 
clearing caves, and doing whatever else needed to be done.
Camel resting next to the gas station we 
stopped at on our way to Jerusalem  
Jezreel Valley slightly before sunrise. The sight we saw as we set up our worksites each morning. 

Members of the 2015 Jezreel Expedition, near the Spring of Jezreel 

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